Why does the state discriminate these families?
Does the state know these families?
We are afraid of what we are not familiar with.
“Il lupo in calzoncini corti / The Wolf in Shorts” will try to expose the lives of these invisible families.
Diffusion of this documentary will be capillary and will be distributed through festivals, TV networks, theaters, home videos and to schools throughout Italy.
Both Homosexuals and heterosexuals need this.
The Italian state needs this.


The media are giving space to this current issue: gay families.
But the space given by televisions and the brief articles written by the press don’t give enough credit to the complexity of this issue. The issue is only just mentioned. The documentary “Il lupo in calzoncini corti / The Wolf in Shorts” will not be a sociological project and will not deal with the social-political aspects of this subject but it will be a cinematographic story about women, men and children: mothers, fathers and children.


Two years ago, our previous documentary “Le Famiglie Arcobaleno” (Rainbow Families) won the GayLesbian Festival in Milan.
Since then, this 20 minute documentary has gained great educational value, thanks to its simple and direct content, reaching an unexpected public throughout Italy and helping educators treat the subject easily in front of an audience, often not easy to get through to.
Since then we’ve been working on “Il lupo in calzoncini corti / The Wolf in Shorts”. We realized that we needed to produce a more elaborate documentary, with a narrative style that gets the audience emotionally involved, with the qualities that would make it of interest to the Italian public and not only to the people involved in the business.

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