Who is Nadia? Who is Lucia?

Lucia and Nadia, or even Nadia and Lucia, have been working together for years and during filming they always have to deal with the hardship on the initial phases of production, in which for months, they often hear the question: “Who is Nadia? Who is Lucia?”
Usually, an issue easy to deal with.

Lucia Stano


They met in Milan at the School of Cinema in 1999, ages ago. Since then they have produced independent short films, theatrical events, spots, commissioned documentaries, collaborations with satellite television channels. But first of all Fåröfilm, a small production company established in 2004, which name reveals their love for Bergman (Fårö is the island on which the director lived for many years) and the islands, amazing settings where they believe it is the ideal place to maintain the right balance between dedication, harmony and maintaining a human pace when working. Places rarely visited and very different from the classic bearing productions.

Nadia Dalle Vedove


Two complementary figures who have specialized in these past years in different areas of production in order to cover, in the most professional manner, all aspects in the production of a creative documentary. The type of documentary for which they happily deal with the initial confusion of “Who is Nadia?” and “Who is Lucia”.

In 2006 the Associazione Famiglie Arcobaleno (organization of homosexual parents) commissioned Fåröfilm with the production of a brief video project called “Le Famiglie Arcobaleno” (Rainbow Families) which won the International GayLesbian Festival in Milano in 2007 and which today is still shown in certain networks.

That meeting was the spark that created the latest production (“Il lupo in calzoncini corti / The Wolf in Shorts”) which they have been working on with great dedication for the past two years, with the final goal in mind of producing a documentary film, a cinematographic story based on the issue of homoparental couples in Italy today.

Sure that a documentary is born from the intense exchange between who is behind and who is in front of the camera, Nadia and Lucia decided to add a third essential resource to the project: the audience, by trying to take it away from the passive role it has always had.

They are working to involve the audience from the start and to create a new concept of CONSCIOUS PRODUCTION.

The Participatory Documentary Project.

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