There is strength in numbers.

The television industry wants documentaries to be sold to a television channel willing to cover the costs of production, before production begins.

This happens because in Italy there is no other way to source funds. A documentary requires a production that usually lasts for 2/3 years, most of this time is dedicated to investigate the subject, gather all the information necessary and learn the best way to present it.

This implies the importance of having a television that is committed to the project from the very beginning and believes the public will demonstrate interest towards the issues dealt with.

What about those films that risk not seeing the light because they deal with issues that don’t meet the industry’s consent? What about those films that don’t match the logics of the market?
da "Il lupo in calzoncini corti"
“Il lupo in calzoncini corti / The Wolf in Shorts” has various sponsors and backers that believe in this film, in particular humanitarian organizations and GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) and we are already negotiating distribution and on air but unfortunately the financing obtained is not enough to cover the next expenses, so the project risks to remain in standby until the intervention of a hypothetical backer, who could actually never make a suitable offer.

So this seems like the right time to directly involve the audience, to give them an active role in the production and making them co-producers of the film. We call it PARTICIPATORY DOCUMENTARY PROJECT. It’s the audience who decides whether to support the project by pre-purchasing a copy of the DVD which will be delivered once the documentary is completed, possibly in the summer of 2010.

A gesture of “conscious production” which involves in an active way the final consumer, who is usually a passive receptor and normally has no voice on what is being presented.

To those who may be interested, pre-buying the DVD will cost 14 Euros and this will allow us to finish the final phases of production. This is why “there is strength in numbers”.

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