How do children of homosexuals live?

Is it possible for two men to raise a child?
Who is a co-mother?
What are gay families?
Are the any gay families in Italy?

The two families portrayed in the documentary “Il lupo in calzoncini corti / The Wolf in Shorts” answer these questions by letting us into their lives.

da "Il lupo in calzoncini corti"

Luca and Francesco allow us to follow them during an experience that will change their lives. They’ve been together for the past 13 years and their desire of becoming parents could become true thanks to a Canadian clinic which is assisting the couple with the process of “surrogacy”. A woman has agreed to carry out the pregnancy and the day they will arrive at the airport holding a child in their arms, will be the first day of a new life for the couple; but to get there the journey is long and complex, and the couple will have to deal with difficult issues such as inseminations gone wrong, new insemination attempts all fueled by a great deal of will power and determination.

“Our family is made up of 5 people: me, my sister, my brother, my mom and my other mom”. Joshua is 7 years old and has two mothers, and with the help of his brothers he will tell us the story of his life and the world he lives in. With the aid of a handy cam he will amaze us like only a child can do.

Children are the real focus of this documentary because they know how to be both sincere and ruthless while maintaining the light and soft tone that we want to use to discuss such a complex issue.

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